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News : 18 Nov 2019

Storengy UK auction update

Storengy UK successfully sold over half  (870 GWh sold) of the storage capacity for the next storage year (2020/21).


News : 23 Jan 2019

Hydrogen Council pushing Hydrogen at the WEF Davos summit

Green hydrogen is increasingly seen as a key component in the decarbonisation of our economies.


News : 06 Sep 2018

Falling Liquidity at the NBP, could there be another reason?

August trade figures on the NBP (UK market place) and TTF (Dutch market place) are adding to the concerning trend of the last year or so.


News : 06 Jun 2019

We've signed up to the Local Living Wage Charter

Storengy UK have joined other organisations in signing up to the Local Living Wage Charter and becoming a Local Living Wage Employer in West Cheshire.


News : 25 Oct 2019

End Of De-Brining- A truly international success story

Tuesday the 8th October 2019 with the end of de-brining of well H301 marked the end of a truly International success story.

Energy observer

News : 08 Oct 2019

Energy Observer

Storengy UK was at the London stopover of the Energy Observer on Friday 4th October.


News : 07 Oct 2019

Proud to have been shortlisted in the CBA's

We are delighted to have been shortlisted for the Cheshire Business Awards 2019 in the category of Corporate Social Responsibility.


News : 13 Sep 2018

It's Budget Time!

With summer comes the time to prepare next year’s budget for companies and for the Government as well.


News : 17 Sep 2018

End of leaching operations at Stublach

In August 2009, Storengy began leaching operations at its Stublach site in Cheshire.


News : 01 Oct 2018

Catherine Gras New Position

Effective October 1, 2018, Catherine Gras will be in charge of Storengy activities in the UK and Germany.

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