Storengy UK offers UIOLI, Unbunbled capacity and Gas Transfers as part of its service offering.



UIOLI (Use it or lose it) is interruptible capacity. Where primary customers have not nominated their full firm rights this results in capacity being available for other customers to nominate and use.

If the primary owner of the firm rights renominates within day, the capacity availability for UIOLI is reduced or increased. If another customer has nominated to use those rights then that customer can be cut back.

The primary users right to use their capacity are unaffected by other users nominations.

UIOLI has a daily fixed price for each direction of flow.

Unbundled Capacity

Storengy UK offers additional firm capacity to its customers, this capacity is dependent on the historical use of the site and is offered when available. It is not interruptible so the purchaser is primary capacity holder for the period of the purchased capacity.

Unbundled capacity is offered at a fixed price regardless of the use of that capacity.

Gas Transfers

Customers can transfer gas between themselves either through direct association, or by posting an advert to buy or sell gas on our NEMO nominations system Bulletin Board (

Storengy UK offers a fixed cost for gas transfers:

 A cost of £1,000 per transfer charged to the seller of the gas in store.

Entry and Exit Capacity

Under the GTC’s Storengy UK provides NTS Entry Capacity where required for a Customer’s base withdrawals, at cost. Customers are obligated to obtain NTS Exit Capacity to cover their injections themselves.

Where additional services require more Entry Capacity, Storengy UK will provide the additional capacity at cost to the Customer

Pricing Information

A full list of prices for additional services is available here:

Service Price List