Our values

At Storengy UK our vision is to be a leading sustainable energy and storage solutions provider.


Our Vision

To be a leading sustainable energy and storage solutions provider.

Our values

  • We are Demanding

As the leader in the energy transition and all related services, our objectives place unrelenting demands on our teams. Our constant striving for progress drives us on a daily basis and we do our utmost to meet the needs of our customers and partners. Our joint commitment is what defines us and makes us unique.

  • We are Bold

Resolutely focused on preparing for the future, we always look at the world with a fresh perspective and strive to identify development opportunities for our companies. Backed by a community with enormous potential, we believe that anything is possible and that we have the means to succeed. Out history and diversity instil in us the desire to try new solutions, and take on new challenges.

  • We are Caring

Our results are as important as the ways we achieve them. The caring and respectful attitude that we bring to our teams, our stakeholders, and our work are key to what we do at ENGIE everyday. We put our faith in the women and men that make up the Group, and do everything possible to enable them to thrive in a safe and healthy work environment.

  • We are Open

Operating the world over, we have evolved through positive relationships with all our stakeholders with whom we are in constant contact. Customers, suppliers, local authorities, regulators, colleagues and communities represent a wealth of culture that improves our ability to anticipate new requirements, imagine new solutions, diversify our activities, and bring in new expertise. Curious and optimistic, we always work as a team and combine our talents, inside and outside the Group.