Who we are

Storengy UK is a subsidiary of ENGIE, we developed and now operate the Stublach Natural Gas Storage site in Cheshire, the largest onshore in the UK

Storengy UK has operated the Stublach Gas Storage Project, a salt cavern storage facility in Cheshire, Northwich since 2007.

Now fully completed, the scheme is the largest on shore gas storage facility in the country, enhancing the security of supply to the UK gas market. We are actively participating in the energy transition and supporting the UK government strategy to reach net zero by 2050. We have set our own carbon neutral target of 2025. A strategy to develop biomethane production in the UK and an ambition to create and operate hydrogen storage further support these targets.

Stublach comprises 20 underground salt caverns, created between 2009 and 2018. Each of these caverns stores natural gas over 500 metres below the surface. The salt caverns are formed by pumping water into the ground (solution mining) to dissolve the salt and to create large underground chambers connected to the surface by a series of metal tubes cemented into the overlying rock. The Cheshire salt plains are an ideal geological location for this type of storage. 

Stored gas is drawn from the national transmission system (the network of underground pipes crossing the UK) and stored in the salt caverns until it is required by our customers. A gas compression station is located on the Stublach site to move the gas in and out of the caverns when demand requires. 

Key Stats:

❱     Commercial Storage capacity 4.5 TWh (1 home uses 12MWh a year)
❱     Reliable low maintenance storage
❱     The gas is stored at 30-95 bar pressure (car tyre is 2 bar)
❱     400 million cubic metres of Working Gas Volume same capacity as 160,000 Olympic swimming pools

❱     293GWh Record injection 17th April 2022 (Storing gas for 9m homes) Based upon Ofgems figure of the average home using 12MWh per annum
❱     The site can hold enough gas to supply the UK for 2 days (or to meet the gas needs of a big city like Greater Manchester - 1.2 million homes - for 120 days)

The site provides long term employment for 50 plus members of staff all with varying levels of qualifications and different expertise, everything from engineering, maintenance to commercial and finance. We also provide work for a number of local contractors and suppliers.




Storengy UK Ltd is a company of ENGIE, a global leader in low-carbon energy supply and services, with a purpose to accelerate the transition towards a carbon-neutral economy through reduced consumption and environmentally friendly solutions. Together, we empower communities, businesses and individuals to embrace sustainable practices and reduce their carbon footprint.

96,000 employees worldwide, ENGIE is committed to inclusiveness and diversity, where everyone can forge their own career path, improve on their skills, and continually enhance their expertise. Working in a caring, flexible, and secure environment that encourages personal and professional development.