Greening our operations

Storengy UK has completed multiple on site projects, aimed at achieving our net zero goals. Our work in this area is ongoing.


The business is committed to reduce scope 1 and 2 emissions by 2025 and scope 3 by 2030 and has committed to join the UN Oil and Gas Methane Partnership 2.0 to increase transparency within the industry. 

We are working on several ways to reduce our own carbon emissions on site

  • In 2021 we invested in a 2.25MW solar farm on site, now up and running the 4,368 solar panels arranged over 26 rows, will enable us to reduce our electrical baseload usage of grid electricity and help us on our journey to becoming carbon neutral by 2025. The array will generate 2.25MW of electricity, enough to power around 2000 homes in a year! Solar panels have also been erected on our site Stores and Workshop Buildings which makes these buildings self-sufficient
  • Another large scale green project has been our Venting project – installation of a Gas Compressor to depressurise our assets prior to planned maintenance, avoiding the need to release the gas through the cold vent stack to atmosphere
  • From the start of 2021 the company has been purchasing green electricity as standard
  • LED lighting has been installed throughout our office buildings
  • Petrol and diesel cars have been removed from the company car list
  • We have installed several EV charging points for staff to use for free
  • Provided access to bicycles on site as an alternative to site vehicles, so staff have plenty of greener options when traveling the site
  • We have also converted one of the vehicles to take hydrogen fuel. This was part of our green hydrogen infrastructure project in collaboration with Cheshire East Council and Ansa. Find out more.

Drone footage of the ground mounted solar array at