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Storengy intends to be at the forefront of the hydrogen revolution. We are looking at the following initiatives.


Energy Storage

At our Stublach site we already store nearly 400 million cubic meters of natural gas in our salt caverns. This represents 4,400 TWh or 1000 times more energy than all the electricity battery capacity in the country). In the future we intend to store hydrogen in the same cost effective and proven means. We are working with local partners and the UK Government to develop salt cavern hydrogen storage on our site.

Project Centurion

The vision for Project Centurion is to demonstrate a 100MW P2G energy storage system which can produce low carbon hydrogen for heat, decarbonisation of industry, and transport fuel. Once successfully demonstrated, such systems can make a significant contribution to the decarbonisation of the electricity and gas networks, and by coupling these two networks together provide energy storage, allowing the UK energy system to accommodate increasing amounts of renewable energy, reducing curtailment and constraints.


Power to gas energy storage is key to decarbonise European energy systems. We firmly believe hydrogen is a promising solution and a project like Centurion will allow us to identify the conditions under which such a project could be developed in the future.

Catherine Gras Chairwoman of Storengy UK Board

Hydrogen refuelling stations

We are working with local partners to develop small scale refuelling stations suitable for small captive fleet operators. Contact us for more details.

International Initiatives

Storengy is at the forefront of developing hydrogen infrastructure, details of our international projects.