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Storengy intends to be at the forefront of the hydrogen revolution. We are looking at the following initiatives.


The world is changing and with the focus on carbon neutral societies, Storengy UK are at the forefront of driving the change to a greener future. In July 2019 the management team agreed upon a new vision and an outline 5 year strategy. This has given us focus as it provides the best possible means to address the challenges of global climate change, we strongly believe that green hydrogen will play a key part in the net zero targets, set around the globe.

Refuelling fleet vehicles with Green hydrogen

Storengy UK are proud to be leading operations and maintenance of the 1st green H2 station in North West of England.  The refuelling hub will provide a central hydrogen fuelling station for Local Authority (Cheshire East Council) and Storengy UK fleet vehicles.

The scheme comprised of both public and private sector money – with a £345,000 contribution from the local enterprise partnership’s Local Growth Fund.

The project is complete and the site is now fully Operational.

A large solar PV array installed by ENGIE UK fuels the electrolyser. This will produce green hydrogen, which is to be supplied to the refuelling station. Three vehicles including two refuse trucks owned by Cheshire East Council and one vehicle owned by Storengy UK have been converted to run on hydrogen to give green transport capability. Storengy UK’s 1st Green Hydrogen project under its commitment to be a leading sustainable energy storage and solutions provider the team at Stublach will ensure operations and maintenance.

The central refuelling station will dispense hydrogen to “dual-fuel” refuse trucks and a Storengy UK vehicle.

Project Vanguard


  • Innovative step towards Cheshire East Council’s target of net-zero by 2025
  • Reduction in CO2 emissions, by nearly 30 tons annually, this will lead to increased engine efficiency
  • Reduce diesel use by more than 10,000 litres per year
  • 1st project to claim Renewable Transport Fuel Certificates for H­2 in the UK
  • Air quality benefits for local community - trucks are in use 5 days per week

We were thrilled to welcome the zero carbon tour bus on its journey to COP26. The Planet Mark team are visiting the business community to understand what is being done nationally to address the climate crisis. It was a great opportunity to showcase our green hydrogen fuelling station.


Read more about the different hydrogen mobility projects that are currently underway in the North West by clicking the link below:


Race to Zero tour for COP26


It has been a pleasure to work in collaboration with Cheshire East Council ensuring project delivery, operations and maintenance of this, the 1st green hydrogen station in North West England.

This is such a unique project that will go on to benefit the local community for years to come and provides a blueprint for similar projects right across the region and beyond.

Storengy UK are proud to be part of the energy transition, and strongly believe that green hydrogen will play an important role in reducing carbon emissions. This project harnesses a fresh approach to deliver and store energy sources for a greener more sustainable future.

Mike Gibson - Managing Director Storengy UK

The Future of Energy Storage

We are supporting the UK hydrogen strategy now campaign to ask the UK Government to act quickly and invest in hydrogen. Read the campaigns open letter to the Chancellor of the Exchequer:

At our Stublach site we already store around 4,400 GWh of energy in the form of natural gas. This is 1000 times more energy than all the electricity battery capacity in the country. To decarbonise this storage our aim is to store hydrogen in the same cost effective and proven means. We are working with local partners and the UK Government to develop salt cavern's to be able to store hydrogen on our site. In project HySecure we have developed the technology required to store hydrogen and we are now looking to start debrining our first hydrogen cavern.

You can read more about this in 'Interview with Storengy: What's in store for hydrogen"

Project Centurion - Large scale Hydrogen production transportation and Storage

The vision for Project Centurion is to demonstrate a 100MW P2G energy storage system which can produce low carbon hydrogen for heat, decarbonisation of industry, and transport fuel. Once successfully demonstrated, such systems can make a significant contribution to the decarbonisation of the electricity and gas networks, and by coupling these two networks together provide energy storage, allowing the UK energy system to accommodate increasing amounts of renewable energy, reducing curtailment and constraints

Centurion has been identified by the World Energy Council as a blueprint for large scale energy storage solution. With a storage capacity of 40GWh of hydrogen for a single salt cavern, a thousand times more than what the largest UK battery can store, the potential to address the flexibility requirement of the growing share of renewable energy on the grid is huge. Capital costs for the technology are competitive too, at about 1/100th of the cost of a battery storage.”


Power to gas energy storage is key to decarbonise European energy systems. We firmly believe hydrogen is a promising solution and a project like Centurion will allow us to identify the conditions under which such a project could be developed in the future.

Catherine Gras Chairwoman of Storengy UK Board

Hydrogen refuelling stations

We are working with local partners to develop small scale refuelling stations suitable for small captive fleet operators. Contact us for more details:

International Initiatives

Storengy is at the forefront of developing hydrogen infrastructure, details of our international projects.