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Safety, Health, Environment & Quality

The company is fully committed to protecting the safety and occupational health of individuals. Discover our involvements.


The company is fully committed to protecting the safety and occupational health of individuals, guaranteeing industrial safety, ensuring security, managing major risks and preserving the environment. To that end, Storengy UK actively promotes a culture across the site that encompasses both permanent staff and personnel from contractor companies. 


For Storengy UK Ltd to be seen as an example of excellence in SHE management internally within the Engie group and externally by industry and customers.


To protect the environment, as well as the safety and health of our employees, contractors and local community around Stublach and strive for continuous improvement in our safety, health and environmental performance.


•    Believing that all safety, health and environmental incidents are preventable and striving to the goal of no accidents, injuries and harm to health and the environment from our team
•    To operate our facility in a safe, secure and environmental rigorous manner by reducing the levels of risk to as low as reasonably practicable.
•    To instil a culture throughout all levels of our organisation to continually identify, reduce and manage process safety risk.
•    To communicate with our stakeholders and consider their perspectives.
•    Minimise our impact on climate, the environment and deliver a sustainable business.

Major Accident Prevention Policy (MAPP) Statement
Storengy UK Ltd recognises the potential for major accidents to occur from its operations and is committed to providing a high level of protection to its employees, contractors, visitors, neighbours and the environment.
Storengy UK Ltd believes that all major accidents are preventable and is committed to carrying out reviews of its operations for major hazard potential and to seek improvements to achieve this objective.
Accountability for the provision of a safe and healthy working environment through active leadership, robust procedures and instructions, effective training programmes and good communications is cascaded through all levels of management. 
Process Safety Management Statement
To ensure the Stublach facility is well designed, safely operated, properly inspected and well maintained.
Storengy UK Ltd recognises there are significant risks associated with its operations and is committed to ensuring these risks are mitigated to as low as reasonable practicable.
Storengy UK Ltd will minimise the probability of a major incident through strong process safety leadership, fostering of a positive process safety culture, robust risk management processes and continuous improvement.

Quality Statement
The delivery of Customer excellence through innovative products and reliable services supported by continuous improvement in project delivery and operational performance.
Storengy UK recognises there are significant risks associated with project delivery and its operations and is committed to ensuring these risks are mitigated to as low as reasonably practicable by the application of a robust quality management system.
Storengy UK will mitigate project and operational risk through compliance with quality processes, risk identification and assessment, risk management together with feedback from metrics, non-conformances and continuous improvement.
Copies of our SHE, MAPP, Process Safety and Quality statements can be viewed here:  


Process Safety Statement 2019

Storengy UK have won the prestigious RoSPA Award for 9 successive years, 6 times winning the Gold Award. The award recognises our positive approach to Safety and Occupational Health.

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