Standard Products and Contracts

Storengy UK uses a standard contract structure for its base products.


Storengy UK offers standard bundled products, made up of injection capacity, withdrawal capacity and storage space. 

We believe the key features of our standard products are:

  • NBP based storage capacity
  • 1 hour scheduling
  • Low variable costs: 0.44 ppth 
  • Very low transmission capacity fees
  • Within day renominations (no restriction)
  • Access to additional firm and interruptible injectibility/deliverability
  • Low Maintenance

When there are specific opportunities we try to offer more tailored products to the market.

Storengy UK also offers additional services alongside our products assisting our customers in optimising their storage position through additional interruptible and firm flows.

Storengy UK’s standard products utilise a 4 part structure. Consisting of an ‘umbrella’ signature document, specific terms, General Terms and Conditions and a Credit Agreement.

Standard contract structure

Examples of the Standard contractual documentation can be found below:


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