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Working with the Community

Storengy Uk is proud to work with local community groups.


In line with our commitment and strategy to help local business & communities to a low carbon economy, we will be increasing our program of roadshows and events in the local area and looking at ways we can support projects such as ones focusing on energy efficiency improvements that residents can implement in their own homes.

Storengy UK created a Local Community Fund (LCF), in 2008 to support local parishes.

Initially the fund helped with renovation works on local parish buildings but more recently the fund has been focused on energy efficiency projects. So far Storengy has; installed Solar PV, energy efficient windows and doors, low energy light fittings and LEDs, efficient boiler controls, loft insulation and LED lighting across the 5 parish's in the local area.
Example of our funding is Byley Village Hall, Storengy UK supplied funding for Solar PV panels and the Village Hall funded a Telsar battery to store the energy generated. 






Byley Parish have worked closely with Storengy UK through our Local Liaison Committee since the start of the project. The company has made every effort to keep us informed of their plans well ahead of taking actions which has enabled the parishioners to make comments/suggestions and be kept up to date. The company has made a very good job of screening the plant from view. They have been excellent ‘neighbours’ to our farmers and minimised disruption when installing pipelines and afterwards returning the land back to the farmers. Finally Storengy UK have contributed through their local community fund to some projects within the 5 effected parishes, for which we’re very grateful.

John Beecroft Parish Chairman

In 2020 the local community fund will be used to support more projects that assist with the transition to zero carbon and a number of health & well being and educational initiatives focusing on the next generation.

If you would like to discuss an opportunity with us please email