Responsible Business Board

Storengy UK's Responsible Business Board ensuring that the company is held publicly accountable.

The Board is committed to providing oversight and guidance on several business activities that affect the local community.

The board will focus on the 4 key areas in Storengy UK’s Business Charter:

  • Fair Business Growth
  • Transparency and Accountability
  • Fair Employer
  • Supporting our Communities and Environment

The Board will validate and scrutinise the Key Performance Indicators of the charter throughout the year, with the outcomes and recommendations highlighted to Storengy UK’s stakeholders through a publicly disclosed independent Annual Report, which will be managed and overseen by the Centre for Governance and Scrutiny. The Board will highlight areas of interest or concern among Storengy UK’s stakeholder groups, and will be focusing on business ethics, social responsibility, and social value. Meetings take place 3-4 times a year.

Following our launch event in April we are pleased to share the 2023 report please click HERE.

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The executive committee act upon any recommendations to improve the business and any impacts it may have on society.

Christine Gaskell CBE – the former chair of the Cheshire and Warrington Local Enterprise Partnership and ex HR Director for Bentley Motors – has the role of Chair of the Responsible Business Board. The Board also includes several distinguished scientists, business and community specialists, an Olympic gold medallist, plus three employee representatives.

'The company has set itself apart by choosing not only to commit to a robust set of business principles and present a detailed Charter of aims by which it seeks to improve, but to allow this to be externally judged, scrutinised, and challenged. And through the publication of the reports, to be publicly transparent and accessible.' 

Christine Gaskell, Chair of the RBB


At our Board development day in September, we spent time exploring and agreeing the RBB's future purpose and work plan. 
The outcome of the development session agreed that the Board will contribute more widely to the business. The RBB will be available as a supportive and creative sounding board, as well as continuing 
its scrutiny role. This will utilise the extensive range of skills and experience of Board members, especially in the areas of energy, environment and business practice, while maintaining the RBB's crucial role as an impartial, critical friend. Three new areas of business performance will become the core of the Board's work programme. They cover key areas of business improvement and corporate responsibility, and are therefore ideal for consideration and contribution by the RBB. These new areas of focus are: 

1.    Prepare the future;
2.    Carbon Neutral by 2025; and
3.    Investors in People – Going for Gold. 

More information on the Responsible Business Charter and Board will be published on this page. Periodic announcements will be made as the work of the Scrutiny Board progresses.

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