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Key figures


Gas Storage Site in the United Kingdom

Stublach has the largest capacity of all storages


Underground caverns

Located in the salt rock 500 meters below ground

14 GW

Of Deliverability

The energy exported to the national gas grid is equivalent to 8 large nuclear power plants

7 Yrs

RoSPA Gold Award

Reflecting our continuous improvements in Health & Safety

Our news


News : 25 Jan 2021

The expense of 'just-in-time' gas imports over gas storage

A closer look at how the UK strategy favouring ‘just-in-time' gas imports over gas storage is proving expensive.

Other news

Open Mind

News : 16 Dec 2020

Building NEMO – Adapting our technologies throughout Covid

Utilising Agile tools in this difficult period of Covid-19.

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11 Oct 2020

TEDxNantwich tackles climate change Virtual

TEDxNantwich is holding a virtual ‘Countdown to Climate’ event 10.30am on 11 October 2020 featuring Lily Bernadet, Business Developer. To register click:


News : 24 Nov 2020

Storengy UK joins the Oil & Gas Methane Partnership

OGMP is an initiative that brings together companies in the oil and gas sector that want to reduce methane emissions.

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King Street, Northwich, CW9 7SE


Great news from our parent company @ENGIEgroup on their latest agreement to operate France's largest renewable #greenhydrogen production site!

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