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Key figures


Gas Storage Site in the United Kingdom

Stublach has the largest capacity of all storages


Underground caverns

Located in the salt rock 500 meters below ground

14 GW

Of Deliverability

The energy exported to the national gas grid is equivalent to 8 large nuclear power plants

7 Yrs

RoSPA Gold Award

Reflecting our continuous improvements in Health & Safety

Our news

Mike and Lily

News : 12 Apr 2021

Deal Farm acquisition to put Storengy on the UK Biogas map

We’re thrilled to reveal the acquisition of Deal Farm Biogas Ltd.

Other news


News : 15 Mar 2021

Women Go Digital

IT, IS & Data Privacy Manager Dana Taylor joined a live conference on International Women's Day to discuss the place of women in tech.


News : 22 Feb 2021

Why decarbonisation requires green gas incentives to succeed

We take a look at what needs to be done to move the emerging green markets forward. 

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King Street, Northwich, CW9 7SE


Investment Notice! 📢📢📢 Storengy UK has acquired Deal Farm Biogas Ltd, a company set up to build and operate a #biomethane to grid production plant. Our investment in Anaerobic Digestion marks the first biogas project for Storengy in the UK. Blog:

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