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Read the experiences of our graduates and apprentices, during their time at Storengy.


Antonio Vianello - Graduate Placement

I have been working at Storengy UK for 6 months as part of the Cheshire Energy Hub scheme, Storengy is my sponsor company so on completion of my next two placements I will return for a final 6 month placement in 2020.

I have enjoyed my time at Storengy and it has helped me develop a range of skills I will utilise within the remainder of the scheme and beyond. I have been part of projects with the operations, commercial, projects and maintenance teams which have provided me with a well-rounded view of the business. This placement has given me the chance to develop my engineering knowledge and soft skills, working on technical projects such as site optimisation as well as projects on site such meeting with GIP to help manage the site expansion works. I was given the freedom to put my problem solving and technical knowledge to the test working on projects that added real value to the business, with support and guidance always available when needed.

I was fortunate with my placements timing as the site was undergoing various stages of the well lifecycle, this gave me the opportunity to get involved with the snubbing campaign and well completion works as well as the debriding process. This was very insightful and gave me a deeper understanding of the process as a whole.

Everyone at Storengy was always happy to help me with any questions and issues and this made the process very enjoyable and informative. I look forward to my return in 12 months’ time.


Selim Abdallah-Bennekrouf - Graduate Placement

I did not know the gas storage sector before coming to Stublach, but thanks to a very committed internship supervisor, I am progressively developing my skills on the subject. Storengy UK is a Friendly company where trainees are very well integrated including entrusting us with responsibilities and missions that can have a real impact on the operation of the site. I worked on optimizing the use of compressors, monitoring the operation of critical elements or even assisting a team of technicians very specialized in replacing the windings of a transformer. In addition, during my internship period, the site hosted a Snubing campaign, I therefore participated actively in a rare activity in the life of a gas storage site. I am happy to be able to add this experience which broadens my field of competence and therefore opportunities.

This internship was also for me the opportunity to discover a part of England that I did not know as well as a new culture. The co-workers gave us good advice on things to do during this time. So I travel culinarily with the "crumpets", English breakfasts on a Friday morning or English mustard (stronger). From hikes in the Cheshire Countryside to football games with colleagues, my weekends were busy. I can assure you that I did not have time to feel alone despite the distance from my family.


Ryan Shenton Graduate Placement

During the six months I developed my knowledge of the gas industry and improved my technical and soft skills as an engineer. I enjoyed the multi-disciplinary approach to work as well as being able to propose and implement new ideas that changed the way the company collected and analysed their data. The company itself is very forward thinking as proven by the time and effort spent on the annual innovation awards, something I was lucky enough to be involved with which gave me the opportunity to present to a jury in Paris. Storengy were also willing to trial and implement new data analysis software and began to look at how machine learning could be used to plan their preventative maintenance and improve the reliability of the gas plant.

I really appreciated the supportive and encouraging nature of my colleagues during my time at Storengy and would recommend this placement to anyone who gets the opportunity.



Coming to Stublach as a graduate, I have been able to experience first hand all aspects of the gas storage business, from the commercial and business development side to the engineering and technical operations of the site. The opportunity to work in such a varied environment with a dynamic team has been invaluable in my development. 

Ben Ebden ENGIE Graduate Placement