News 07 February 2024

Responsible Business Board Away Day

The Responsible Business board met for their annual away day on 7th Feb.

The Storengy UK Responsible Business Board (RBB) met for their annual away day today. The board welcomed Nicola Inman and Philip Morris, our two newest employee members. Anne-Laure Chassanite presented the 2023 business highlights and the board reflected on the original charter KPI's and progress on these over the last year. There were two working sessions to discuss ED&I and hydrogen storage. Thank you to Amanda Hufton, Dr. Ali Omranian, and Louise Mason for your contribution today. If you would like further information about the RBB you can view here

The RBB members

From left to right: Robert Davis, Prof. Joe Howe, Nicola Inman, Phil Morris, Christine Gaskell, Anita Wainwright, Matt Langridge, Pete Scott.