News 28 February 2024

H2 Week

As part of Hydrogen Week UK the team were in Liverpool at the Delivering the Hydrogen Economy 2024 event.

The team were  in Liverpool at the North West Hydrogen Alliance event Delivering the Hydrogen Economy 2024 a showcase of all the great things happening in the north west in hydrogen.

There’s a clear message ‘the need for speed and scale’ to deliver the hydrogen economy, with storage being key to meet the anticipated demand.

It was great to hear the plans from Industry for decarbonisation and also that Hydrogen storage has a pivotal role in supporting both producers and off-takers in the North West.

The growing diversity of production options for low carbon hydrogen and the many use cases for industry in the North West will require close collaboration between all parties, including transportation and storage, to deliver robust and reliable systems for the future.

With government Production, Storage and Transportation business models moving fast to promote the start of infrastructure build out over the next few years it was clear that everyone feels the need to keep up the pace and start to deliver!

Read the NorthWest Hydrogen Alliances report into future demand of hydrogen HERE