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News 17 September 2018

End of leaching operations at Stublach

In August 2009, Storengy began leaching operations at its Stublach site in Cheshire.


By drilling wells into the underlying salt strata and injecting water  into the salt  twenty caverns have been created.

The brine extracted during all these years has been the mainstay of the Chemical Industry in the Northwich and Runcorn area over the last nine years. In producing the caverns some 65 million cubic meter of brine has been produced, the equivalent of around 22 000 Olympic swimming pools.(Some 15million tonnes of salt)

In Cheshire the top of the salt layer is situated 500m deep.

The leaching operations ended on 14th September at Stublach.

The caverns once completed are used to store Natural Gas and will be an important addition to the security of Gas Supply to the UK in coming years, 15 of the 20 caverns are now in gas and the remaining five will be converted over the next year.

Building an underground gas storage is a long process, involving a significant level of underground expertise.

Storengy UK is very proud of all the work that has been done on the site to create the largest UK underground gas storage.

The SMC team