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News 23 September 2020

TEDxNantwich tackles climate change at virtual event

TEDxNantwich is holding a virtual ‘Countdown to Climate’ event 10.30am 11 October 2020 featuring five expert speakers. Including one from Storengy UK


TEDxNantwich is holding a virtual ‘Countdown to Climate’ event 10.30am on 11 October 2020 featuring five expert speakers. The independently organised event, licensed by TED, will bring people together from across Nantwich and the surrounding areas to learn how climate change is impacting the region and figure out what can be done to tackle it.

Launched in 2009, TEDx is a programme of locally organised events that bring the community together to share a TED-like experience. Some of the best talks from TEDx events have gone on to be featured on and garnered millions of views from audiences across the globe.

TEDxNantwich, which is free to all, will discuss the latest climate change insights and propose bold solutions that local residents and businesses can support to influence change.

Liz Boote, TEDxNantwich organiser, says, “It’s easy to view climate change as a mammoth issue for world leaders to sort out, however every one of us must play a part in cutting greenhouse gas emissions and creating a cleaner and safer world. TEDxNantwich puts a local slant on a global crisis, proposing solutions that the Nantwich community can support to drive positive change.”

Speakers at TEDxNantwich include:

·        Elizabeth Renski, Executive Editor of leading publication 'CLIMATE CHANGE - The New Economy'.  Elizabeth will provide an overview of the global climate action scene and discuss what the UK has been doing to accelerate solutions to the climate crisis.

·        Dr Christian Dunn, senior research lecturer in the School of Natural Sciences at Bangor UniversityDr Dunn will pose the question "Are wetlands the superheroes of the natural world?" 

·        Tim Boote, Founder of Crewe-based Protein Rebel. Tim will question how will we feed everyone by 2050, discuss new sustainable proteins such as insects and plants, and argue that our food choices directly impact climate change.

·        Lily Bernadet, Business Developer from Northwich-based Storengy UK (part of ENGIE). Lily will question whether green hydrogen is the fuel of the future.

·        Simon Burgess, Head of Projects, Research and Innovation at Reaseheath College, Nantwich. Simon will discuss the college's research into how biochar in livestock feed can reduce methane emissions by 6-15%.

TEDxNantwich ‘Countdown to Climate’ is supported by Studio One Photography, Nantwich.

For more information about TEDxNantwich ‘Countdown to Climate’ and to reserve a place, please visit