News 03 May 2024

Record breaking month at Stublach

New withdrawal records in April....

April has been a record breaking month for the Stublach site, having achieved not one, but two withdrawal records within a week of each other. On April 17th, a total of 303,328,640 kWh was withdrawn over the 24-hour gas day. Remarkably, this record was surpassed on April 25th, when the site achieved a record of 307,550,720 kWh per day.
These withdrawal records and the exceptional activity of our customers have led to a third record, whereby the Stublach site moved 4,863GWh of gas in and out of the facility in April 2024, beating the previous record of 4,528GWh in December 2022.
These records demonstrate the importance of our facility in ensuring the flexibility of the gas network and the teams dedication to delivering the best service possible to our customers. An excellent achievement by the Storengy UK team