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News 14 July 2020

Partnership agreement signed with Cheshire East Council

Great news we are pleased to confirm that our partnership agreement has been signed with Cheshire East Council for Project Vanguard!


We are pleased to confirm that the partnership agreement with Cheshire East Council has been signed and with planning permission already granted its full steam ahead for our project Vanguard green hydrogen refuelling station in Middlewich. We are one step closer to low carbon solution for the refuse trucks of Cheshire East Council.. Visit our hydrogen page to learn more about this project and others we are currently working on.


"We are one step further in demonstrating that hydrogen is viable green fuel for transport. We are really excited to be leading on this project to develop the first of its type in the UK, and to be supporting improvements for Cheshire East Council’s carbon footprint and air quality. 

“As a business with many employees from Middlewich, it is also great to be investing in, and supporting, one of our local communities.”

Michael Gibson, Managing Director