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News 12 April 2021

Deal Farm acquisition to put Storengy on the UK Biogas map

We’re thrilled to reveal the acquisition of Deal Farm Biogas Ltd.


In line with our strategic business goals and growth in the green gas sector, we’re thrilled to reveal the acquisition of Deal Farm Biogas Ltd, a unique development opportunity which will enable us to construct and operate our first ‘biogas to grid’ facility in the UK. 

With a connection to the local gas network, the asset is projected to produce 55 GWh/year equivalent to over 5 million cubic metres of biomethane, with guaranteed revenue in RHI. 

Biogas in the UK is a well-established sector, with over 500 AD Plants, 75% of which are agricultural. BEIS aims to treble the amount of biomethane in the grid between 2018 and 2030, on the road to the UKs Net Zero target in 2050. 

This Agricultural Anaerobic Digestion (AD) Plant will provide us with a unique opportunity for production and commercialisation of biogas derived from a traditional farming feedstock mix of livestock manure, straw and grass. 

Construction of the Agricultural AD began in, April 2021, managed by experienced developer BioWatt. We expect completion in early 2022. 

Michael Gibson, Managing Director at Storengy UK, said:  

"Our acquisition of Deal Farm signals our entry into the UK biomethane market. Biomethane is an important part of the energy transition and I am very excited to be putting our strategic objectives in motion. This diversification of our business builds on our group strengths and supports our vision to be a leading sustainable energy storage and solutions provider".  

If you are interested in discussing a biogas project, please contact our Business Development team. 

Site works are progressing at pace at our new build Biogas Facility at Deal Farm in Norfolk. This Timelapse photography illustrates the current phase of the Project, which includes establishment of the process compound and the construction of the Biogas Digester Tanks. The tanks measure an impressive 7,200m3, that’s the same size as three Olympic sized swimming pools! 

Visit the Deal Farm biogas website for further information. CLICK HERE

Biogas Digester tank construction