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News 01 October 2018

Catherine Gras New Position

Effective October 1, 2018, Catherine Gras will be in charge of Storengy activities in the UK and Germany.


 Accordingly, she will become Managing Director of Storengy Deutschland and will continue to manage Storengy UK.

After an initial experience in financial auditing and investment funds, Catherine Gras joined Gaz de France in 2001. As a member of the mergers and acquisitions team she was involved in many industrial projects in Europe and North America. In 2005, she was placed in charge of economic and strategic studies in the Group's Exploration and Production Division. In 2010, Catherine was appointed Financial Director of the Gas Supply Business Unit, responsible for supplying ENGIE's European customers. Faced with a market deep in crisis, she contributed ideas to the discussion on the BU's business model and to the management of its exposure to market risks. When the Energy Management Trading (EMT) system was set up in 2012, she took charge of the portfolio of contracts governing access to ENGIE's transmission, storage and LNG terminal infrastructure in Europe. She also led lobbying efforts at both the national and European levels. Catherine Gras joined the Storengy Business Unit in January 2016 as Managing Director of Storengy UK.