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News 08 February 2021

5 minutes with... Operations Apprentice, Emily Jones

This week is National Apprenticeships Week, so we catch up with our Operations Apprentice Emily Jones.


What made you interested in this field of work?

I’ve always liked building stuff and physically doing things, so that’s how I came across the engineering side of it. I also feel like it’s an important job to provide people with energy.


How did you find out about the apprenticeship opportunity and why did you choose Storengy UK?

I found out about the apprenticeship opportunity with Storengy through my college, TTE - and I really liked the sense of community I felt from Storengy UK. The site was impressive and a lot bigger than I thought!


What has been the biggest challenge surrounding studying during the pandemic?

I think it’s been not being able to physically do so much stuff when working from home. Also, you don’t get to know as many people as you’re in your social bubbles.


Have there been any positives to studying during the pandemic?

I think it gives you a lot more freedom to work other stuff around work. I like talking to my friends and trying to stay in contact, particularly at the moment with the lockdown. I have a lot of zoom calls and FaceTime’s and I do a lot with my local church as well.


Would you recommend the apprenticeship route to others, and if so, why?

I would recommend the apprenticeship route to others as I think it’s a really good and interesting way of learning. I wanted to do an apprenticeship over university because I’m hands-on and I liked the idea of physically getting to learn on the job a bit more, and actually see how things apply.



What more do you think could be done to inspire young women into STEM subjects?

I think it’s slowly changing but there still needs to be quite a lot of work done towards it. I think it needs to be talked about a lot more in schools, to break down the stigma.


How do you feel about coming onto the site after your studies?

I’ll be coming onto site in 2022. I’ve spoken to a bunch of different people in the business and I’m definitely excited about getting to know people better and becoming part of a team environment.


If you are interested in a career or apprenticeship at Storengy UK please visit our careers page.